Configure application's payment methods

You can configure which payment methods you want your application to have access to.

πŸ’‘ Note

Payment methods can only be managed if the Payments' scope is selected

Fintecture can provide you with 3 payment methods that you can combine according to your needs:

Aside of those, we propose an additional payment method called Verified Payout.

Immediate Transfer

Immediate Transfer gives you access to the PayByBank feature. When selected, it can be customized using the following options:

  • Delayed confirmation: if disabled, certain banks will no longer be displayed or may apply instant payment fees to your customers
  • Payment retry: in case of a payment failure, a retry is proposed to the payer

Smart Transfer

Smart transfer gives you access to our virtual IBAN feature.

When combined with Immediate Transfer, it can be customized by indicating whether the payment method is to be used as:

  • an alternative: payer is given the choice between Immediate Transfer and Smart Transfer
  • a fallback: payer can select the Smart Transfer payment method when a bank is not available in our bank selector

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)

Buy Now Pay Later gives you access to our delayed payment solution for professionals.

Verified Payout

Please contact support to get access.