Register a client application

For a custom API integration, you will need to go the the  Developers menu and then click on the Create an application button.

This is a 3 steps process that you will go through:

  1. General: Provide the necessary fields such as your application name, optional description and desired environment
  2. API scopes: Select the scope you want to create this application for. It can either be payments (PIS) or accounts (AIS)
  3. Urls: Optionally fill redirection Urls for us to know where to redirect your customers and webhooks to get realtime event notifications

💡 Note

At the end of the process please take note of your app_id, app_secret and app_private_key as these are your keys to access our APIs.

🚧 Be aware

The app_secret and app_private_key must be stored safely in a backend environment, i.e. not in a client-side bundle, nor in a mobile app.