Install Fintecture for Oasis

In the Oasis dashboard

  1. From your Oasis space, click on Config, then on Prices and Payment and Payment methods
  2. In the Digital payments section, click on Instant transfer
  3. Enter the name of the payment method: Instant transfer
  4. Select the payment provider: Fintecture
  5. Enter the settlement code: VI
  6. Add the following description: Pay for your purchases instantly and securely. You will be automatically redirected to your bank's secure area to confirm the payment.
  7. Add the Fintecture logo available here
  8. Amounts: enter 0.00€ in the minimum amount and -1.00€ if you want your customers to be able to pay their orders with Fintecture, whatever the amount.

Go to the settings tab to configure Fintecture

  1. Select the Production environment
  2. Copy the APP ID previously generated from your Fintecture space and paste it in the corresponding field
  3. Copy the SECRET APP previously generated from your Fintecture space and paste it into the corresponding field
  4. Click on Save
  5. Click on Test Connection. The following message should appear in green “Fintecture payment is correctly set up”.
  6. Load the private key previously downloaded from the Fintecture space and validate the operation by clicking on Transfer. The following message should appear: “Private key associated”
  7. Go to the Property tab: next to Active, select Yes