[2024-03-14] Branding recommendations

Follow our branding recommendations to optimize your checkout.

[2024-01-18][CMS] Updated PrestaShop, Magento & WordPress documentation

At Fintecture we do our best to best serve our customers. We know integration can sometimes be tricky and that is why we try to make it as smooth as possible.

[2024-01-05][API] Customer verification

Happy New Year from all of us at Fintecture !

[2023-12-15][Console] Event simulator

Use the Event Simulator to perform events that another person would perform in a live environment.

[2023-12-12][Console] Payment fields pre-filling

Pre-fill fields in payment and payout requests directly through URL parameters. It offers a pragmatic solution for optimizing the Request To Pay & Request For Payout creation workflow.

[2023-06-13] Documentation global redesign

We are delighted to present you our whole new documentation. So what's new ?

[2023-05-29] Landing page redesign

The previous documentation was geared towards developers and APIs. However, many potential users who were interested in integrating with our platform were not developers and found the technical jargon and documentation overwhelming.