Take on our Postman collection

To help you get a quick access to our services, Fintecture provides you with a Postman collection that you can use to connect to our APIs.

This collection contains multiple scenarios that will allow you to:


πŸ’‘ Note

In case of difficulties do not hesitate to contact us

Setting up variables

All of the collection is built on top of variables, it helps you using it with every application you want in whatever environment.

Variables can be found directly at the root of the project.

For the Postman collection to work properly, it is important to set up the following variables:

API_BASE_URLBase Url to be used (Sandbox or Production one)https://api-sandbox.fintecture.com
app_idApplication identifier (as provided on application's creation)0354d723-d8d3-469a-8926-4f3f18b2c416
app_secretApplication's secret (as provided on application's creation)0354d723-d8d3-469a-8926-4f3f18b2c416
private_keyPrivate key (as provided on application's creation or update (to be found in *.pem file after download)-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----
key_idKey identifier (to be filled with app_id 's value)0354d723-d8d3-469a-8926-4f3f18b2c416
redirect_uriApplication's redirect Url (needs to be exactly the one used on application's creation or update)https://www.fintecture.com
languagePreferred languagefr

Signing requests

Request signing is mandatory in Production but optional in Sandbox environment.
It is setup by default in the collection and can serve as an example for you to follow in addition to our HTTP Signature guide . Script can be found under Integrate Payments -> Pre-Request Script

To proceed successfully with the signing, please ensure:

  • the forgeJS script has been run (you can execute it manually in HTTP Signature -> Load ForgeJS library)
  • the needed variables have been filled in (app_id, app_secret, private_key, key_id)

πŸ’‘ Note

If you do not want the requests to be signed, this pre-request script has to be deleted.

Modifying payloads

Our Postman collection handles many examples for you to create payments.
If you want to change the payloads, you can find them in the requests' Pre-request scripts.

Most common errors

You will find below the solutions to the most common errors encountered by our customers.

There was error in evaluating the Pre-request Script: ReferenceError: forge is not definedForgeJS library has not been loaded successfullyExecute manually the HTTP Signature -> Load ForgeJS library request
inconsistent_appidapp_id used to generate accesstoken does not match the key_id used to sign the requestDouble check your app_id and key_id have the same values
Application not found: invalid app_idUsed app_id is incorrect, it does not match one of your applicationsDouble check your app_id
The provided signature is inconsistent with the provided payloadThe payload sent does not match the signature that has been generatedDouble click on the request (it is often a cache problem)
Error: Invalid PEM formatted messageThe private key is missing or missing informationEnsure the private_key is filled in, starts with -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY----- and ends with -----END PRIVATE KEY-----
Error: Too few bytes to read ASN.1 value.There is missing data in the private keyEnsure the value between -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----and -----END PRIVATE KEY----- is correct
TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'session_id')A problem occurred in the post request script. This means that the response you got does not match the expected result and post-processing cannot be madeEnsure all of the variables are correctly setup (it can be a missing key_id)

If you do not succeed in solving your problem and still need assistance do not hesitate to contact us.