In order for merchants to integrate easily payments, settlements and transactions history in their internal tools, Fintecture provides you with different kinds of reports:

  • one dedicated to all payments aka payments' report
  • one dedicated to all settlements (outgoing payments from your local Acquiring account to your own bank account) aka settlements' report
  • one dedicated to all transactions to and from your local Acquiring account aka transactions' report

Those reports are materialized by files in .csv format.

🚧 Important

Please note that the content of the export might change over time. While we make every effort to proactively communicate these changes and minimise their potential impact, please note that we cannot guarantee that we will always be able to provide advance notice.

Payments report

The payments' report takes the following structure:

Data Description
company_idIdentifier of your company in our database
app_idIdentifier of your application (API)
payment_session_idIdentifier of the Connect payment session
payment_session_statusPayment session status
typePayment type
created_atPayment creation date
execution_datePayment execution date
amountPayment amount
currencyPayment currency
communicationAdditional information your might have sent to the payer
psu_namePayer name
psu_emailPayer e-mail
psu_phonePayer phone
providerIdentifier of the bank selected for payment
provider_fullnameBank name
is_refundIndicator of refund
refund_session_idRefund Connect Payment session (if a refund has been done for this payment)
refund_statusRefund payment session status (if a refund has been done for this payment)

Settlements report

In addition to information contained in the payments report, settlements' report provides you with further additional information:

Data Description
settlement_idIdentifier of the settlement
settlement_gross_amountSettlement gross amount
settlement_deposit_amountSettlement deposit amount
settlement_net_amountSettlement net amount
settlement_currencySettlement currency
settlement_communicationAdditional information provided for the settlement
settlement_execution_dateSettlement execution date
methodSettlement payment method

Transactions report

The report dedicated to all transactions to and from your local Acquiring account contains the following information:

Date of the operation (UTC)transaction_created_atDate on which Swan received the payment
Amount of the operationreceived_amountAmount that has been received (not the one from the session)
Transfer labellabelPayer provided label on transfer initiation (optional)
Transfer referencereferenceReference provided by the payer on transfer initiation (optional)
Fintecture session IDsession_idUnique identifier set on payment session initiation
Fintecture referencereferenceMerchant chosen reference on payment session initiation
Amount requestedamountAwaited amount on payment session initiation
Client namepsu_namePayer name linked to generated IBAN (legal name if a company)
Client email addresspsu_emailEmail linked to generated IBAN
Payment typetypeFintecture payment method selected for payment (ManualTransfer, Incoming Transfer ...)
Reconciliation keyKey used for reconciliation purposes

It can be downloaded from your Fintecture account's page or the Payment account's one in the Console. Filename is the following fintecture_disbursement_<YYYYYMMDDHHMMSS>.csv.