Best practices


If their preferred payment method is not available, nearly seven in ten French people (69%) and 58% of businesses will abandon their purchase.
YouGov x GoCardless 2022 Study

In this section, we will share with you our best practices to make your checkout the most successful.

4 golden rules:

⏰ Help and guide the user between different payment methods.
🎯 Focus the user's attention on important information and actions.
🤲 Familiarize the user with open banking using simple and understandable vocabulary.
🔒 Reassure the user about the security of the payment method.

Fintecture’s position

We advise you to position Fintecture at the top of payment options, or at least for large purchases. By highlighting Fintecture for higher amounts when credit card payments tend to fail, you are directing your customers towards a secure and fast alternative payment option. Thus increasing the likelihood of successful transactions.

Fintecture’s display


The Fintecture logo should always be associated with the payment method to help customers quickly identify the available payment options. It should be shown in its entirety, in color, and in a proportionate size. We recommend placing it after the name of the payment method. Additionally, it is important to align its positioning with the other payment methods to maintain visual coherence.

Payment method description

We recommend placing the phrase "pay by" before the name of the payment method. We advise against changing the names of our payment methods as they have been carefully selected using user tests and AB testing. Please refer to the dedicated page for the various payment methods.

Helper / Educational messaging

We recommend adding further description that describes and encourage the payment process in easy-to-understand steps.

Fintecture’s promotion badges

Fintecture offers a set of badges that we recommend adding when you first launch one of our payment methods. This will help promote the payment solution as well as reassuring the customer. If you are launching multiples Fintecture payment methods, please use only one badge at a time.

Badge “Recommended”

Badge “New”

Badge “Free”