The error object

The error object contains both a high level error code and an array of detailed error codes and messages. The root object has the following members:

  • status: The HTTP error status code
  • code: The error code
  • errors: An array containing one or more error codes and messages

In case the error comes from the provider, the returned error code is provider_error and the provider's error is parsed into the errors array.

Error codes

The below table is a non-comprehensive list of error codes:

400provider_errorbad_requesta provider specific message is included
400bad_requestbad_requestInvalid parameters or malformed syntax
400bad_requestcustomer_unknownInvalid customer_id. Use a valid customer_id or authenticate to a bank to continue
400bad_requestaccount_unknownInvalid account_id. You must specify an account_id as defined by the /accounts API
400bad_requestsession_id_invalid_or_expiredThe session ID used is either expired or invalid
400bad_requestinvalid_fieldThe value or format of field [field] is incorrect
400bad_requestmandatory_field_missingThe mandatory field is missing: [field] has not been defined
400bad_requestinvalid_debited_account`Invalid debited_account_id. The debited_account_type is set to internal, please use an id provider by the accounts API
401unauthorizedinvalid_tokenThe token is either invalid or expired
401unauthorizedinvalid_scopesYour app does not have the necessary scopes to access this API
401unauthorizedinvalid_codeThe authorization code is either wrong or expired
401unauthorizedinvalid_app_idInvalid app_id
401unauthorizedinvalid_app_urlInvalid app redirect URL
404not_foundnot_foundThe requested resource could not be found. The requested resource either does not exist or is temporarily down
429too_many_requeststoo_many_requestsThe user has sent too many requests in a given amount of time
500internal_server_errorinternal_server_errorAn internal error has occurred. If the error persists, please contact our support
501not_implementedprovider_endpoint_unavailableThe provider endpoint is currently unavailable or has not been implemented yet
503service_unavailableprovider_unavailableThe provider is currently unavailable. Please try again later