Configure webhooks

Go to the navigation tab and click on developer_modeDevelopers

No application

If you do not already have an application follow the Register a client application process. Webhooks configuration will be a part of it.

Existing application

If you already created an application, select it by clicking on it.

Your existing application will be loaded and split in 5 sections.

Click on Urls

You can configure as many webhooks as you want. We provide you with the following parameters:

  • Webhook endpoint: The URL where you will listen to Fintecture webhooks and process the resulting message
  • Offset time: Time to wait before the webhook is triggered by fintecture (0, 1, 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes)
  • Requested event: Events are the reason why the webhooks will be triggered on the selected offset time. Functionally they are either the Payment session statuses, the Payment transfer states, the Refund session statuses or the received_amount.
  • Headers: Those are optional key/value pairs for any potential header you want us to add to the webhook to enhance its security

Once your webhooks are setup you can start to manage them.