API Payment Session Status

The below table shows the different status a payment may have and it's definition.

payment_createdThe payment has been successfully createdFinal
payment_cancelledThe payment was cancelledFinal
payment_unsuccessfulThe payment was rejected by either the payer or the bankFinal or Intermediate
order_createdThe cover has been successfully set up (BNPL dedicated status)Intermediate
payment_errorThe payment has failed for technical reasonsIntermediate
payment_pendingThe payment is currently pending or in the process of being createdIntermediate
sca_requiredThe payer got redirected to his bank and needs to authenticateIntermediate
provider_requiredThe payment has been preparedIntermediate
payment_waitingThe request to pay has been generated and is waiting for payerIntermediate
payment_unknownThe payment is currently in an unknown state and waiting for bank/Fintecture actionIntermediate

πŸ’‘ Note

The payment_unsuccessful status can be either considered as Final or Intermediate depending how your shop is setup. This option can be managed in your Fintecture console in the shop configuration.