Track a payment

By clicking on a payment, you get access to further information related to it.
Depending on the payment type, the following will be provided along to the payment's reference and status:

Action button


If payment is not completed yet, an action button proposes to Cancel payment

Clicking on it will open a popup window asking you for confirmation.

In case of cancellation confirmation, payer will not be able to process this payment anymore and a new one will have to be created in case the requested amount is still needed.


If payment is in a successful final status, an action button will be proposed for potential Refund

A successful status means that part or all of the requested amount has been recovered from the payer.

Clicking on it will initiate a refund request.

Payment summary

Payment summary appears for any payment with transactions (i.e. a Swan account) or for payments without transactions (external account) where at least 1 refund has been performed.

Payment history

Payment history is a timeline that provides the merchant with explanations on all statuses encountered by the payment from generation to finalization.

It keeps track of all actions that have been held either by the merchant or the payer.

Payment details

Payment details are all information known on the payment itself. Depending on payment type some information might not be displayed.

ReferencePayment reference as specified by merchant on initiation
TypePayment type (get the full list here)
ShopNo code Shop, CMS shop or API app selected for payment initiation
Created byUser login of the payment initiator
Requested amountAmount as requested by the merchant on initiation
ChannelChannel used for payment (email, link, sms)
EnvironmentEnvironment on which the payment has been created (sandbox/production)
Session createdDate on which the payment session has been created
IDSession identifier
Due dateDate on which the payment is due (only if Immediate Transfer)
Payer’s bankBank selected for payment (only if Immediate Transfer)
Completed dateDate on which the payment has been completed
Transfer schemeBank scheme used for payment (only if Immediate Transfer)
Client nameClient name (only if Refund)

Client details

Client details are all information gathered on payer throughout the payment session.

Client nameClient name as specified by merchant on initiation
Client emailClient email as specified by merchant on initiation
Personalized IBANClient dedicated virtual IBAN (only if Smart Transfer)

Session details

Session details are technical information related to the payment session.

  • if payment is in a final status, it will be:
IDPayment session identifier
DatePayment session creation date
  • if payment is still awaiting to be processed, the merchant will be able to recover the payment session link or a QR code for the payer to proceed.