Create a Fintecture account

Go to Console's registration form .
This is a 3 step process you will go through.

1. Credentials

  1. Enter your e-mail address which will become your login
  2. Choose a Password and confirm it
  3. Accept the Privacy policy and the General terms and conditions
  4. Click on Continue

2. Company Information

  1. Enter your Company name
  2. Select your Country
  3. Fill in your current Website's url
  4. Click on Continue

3. User Information

  1. Fill in your First name and Last name
  2. Add your Phone number
  3. Click on Create account

Once completed, you will be taken to the home page of your Fintecture area where you can proceed to the activation request. An e-mail is sent in parallel in case you want to activate your account later on.

💡 Note

Activation is only needed for the Production environment. Sandbox one can be used directly on account creation.