Buy Now Pay Later

Guarantee payment terms with
the Buy Now Pay Later

Propose to your customers to pay their order in 30 days, with the assurance of being covered in case of non payment.

Follow the guides to seamlessly integrate.

To facilitate testing the bnpl scenarios, the interactions with the insurance api are mocked for the SIRENs below, each providing a possible outcome.

  • 000000000 → All successful. After cover activation, the settlement will be scheduled to happen in 10 mins, at which point it will succeed
  • 000000001 → Quotation refused. Includes eligibility attempts. The Pay Now option will be presented
  • 000000002 → Activation refused. The Pay Now option will be presented
  • 000000003 → Settlement refused.
  • 000000004 → All successful, with no reusable SDD, will alwyas ask for it to be signed