Payment Hub

Boost your performance with
the Payment Hub

The Fintecture Payment Hub includes:

  • Immediate transfer: payment is made in a few seconds, without entering an IBAN, with immediate confirmation for the seller. Perfect for an optimal customer experience, 100% digital, fast and simple;
  • Smart transfer: customers keep their payment habits by entering an IBAN, especially those with more complex spending processes. For the merchant, however, the entire process is automated, from detecting the receipt of funds to reconciliation. It is no longer necessary for teams to intervene manually.

Immediate transfer allows customers to pay by connecting to their bank, almost instantly, without having to enter an IBAN. But when customers do not have access to their company's bank account, they are not able to finalize their purchases via this solution.

In this case, they can opt for the smart transfer. A unique IBAN is automatically generated for them . This IBAN is then forwarded to the accounting team, who will then execute the transfer order. The status of the payment can then be tracked online by the customers themselves, similar to parcel tracking.

Thanks to this personalized IBAN per buyer, payment reconciliation is automated and simplified, and the risk of fraud is significantly reduced, by no longer exposing the IBAN of one's bank account to all of one's buyers.