Verify a Customer


The Customer Verification flow is a redirection based product enabling the user to prove his identity using his bank. To use the product, first configure an application with the Customers scope enabled. Then, follow the below steps:


  1. Create an application with the customers scope.
  2. Configure webhooks to receive verification status updates. (optional)
  3. Configure a redirection URL to have users return to your website after the verification. (optional)

On each verification

  1. Request a customer access token using thecustomers scope
  2. Send the customer data to verify and redirect the customer to the returned URL
  3. Track the verification status to get the result of the verification. (optional)


Verification statuses

Below are the possible verification statuses:

initiatedThe verification flow has been initiatedintermediate
cancelledThe verification has been cancelled by the userintermediate
failedThe verification has failed - the customer provided a bank account which did match the provided namefinal
successThe verification is successful - the customer provided a bank account which ,matched the provided namefinal