Manage settlements

For all payment sessions made on an App linked to a Fintecture payment account , the funds paid by your clients will be received onto that Fintecture account. Settlements represent the disbursement of these funds from the Fintecture account to a merchant's usual bank account

🚧 Important

Signature, date and x-request-id headers are optional in SANDBOX environment but mandatory when calling the PRODUCTION one.

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Settlement information

All of the settlements can be listed using our API and can be filtered by date thanks to our query parameters.

Every settlement provides you with the execution date as well as 4 types of amounts:

  • Net amount: The amount received by the beneficiary of the settlement
    (Net Amount = Gross Amount - Deposit Amount - Other Amount)
  • Gross amount: The sum of all reconciled transactions belonging to a payment part of the settlement
  • Deposit amount: The amount kept on the account following a settlement
  • Other amount: The sum of all other amounts part of the settlement

If called specifically , one provides you with associated payments and transactions to identify more precisely the financial movements.

Understanding the transactions

A transaction is the financial movement a payer does when sending money to a Fintecture account. Each time a transaction is received, our reconciliation algorithm analyzes it and links it to a payment in case of success.

It is possible to have multiple transactions for a single payment session or to have one transaction linked to several payment sessions.

All transactions can be listed using the dedicated endpoint .