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When your customer will pay for his orders with Fintecture you will be able to perform several actions on these directly from your Magento back office.

View an order

When an order is made with Fintecture, you will be able to find it with your other Magento orders, in your Back Office in SALES > Orders.

When installing the extension, several custom statuses for Fintecture are added to your store. You can consult them by going to your Back Office in STORES > Order Status. All Fintecture's statuses start with "Fintecture".

Order statuses

Refund an order

In your Back Office, you can refund an order that has been made with Fintecture.

To make a refund of an order, you can go into an order detail and in Invoices. You can go into the revelant invoice and click on “Credit Memo” button.

You can set up your refund and click on "Refund".

After the status change, you will received an email from Fintecture to initiate the refund.

Be careful, a refund initiated from the Fintecture console will not be updated on Magento.

Automatic expiration of pending orders

As on Magento, orders are created as soon as the shopping cart is validated, this option avoids ending up with pending orders that will never be payed.

With Fintecture's Immediate Transfer configuration, you can automatically cancel "pending" orders based on a set duration.

Go to your Fintecture extension configuration. Then go to the Advanced settings section and go in Automatic expiration of pending orders. Set to Yes the Enable automatic expiration of pending orders field and set a duration in minutes in which orders will be canceled.

Automatic Expiration

Cancel an order

If you have the Smart Transfer feature activated, you can cancel the payment and the order in Magento.

To cancel an order, you can go into an order detail and click on the cancel button at the top of the page.

Cancel order
Payment need to be in pending to be cancelled