Simulate a transaction event

Simulate events in Sandbox environment to test your integration.
Use the Event Simulator to perform events that another person would perform in a live environment.

You can simulate transactions on an acquiring account which lets you test the different status a payment session can evolve to.
When you are testing Fintecture, you can simulate external events with the Event Simulator.

Simulator events

Events you can simulate include:

  • Receiving an incoming transaction
  • Receive a partial payment for a Fintecture payment session
  • Receive a payment_overpaid for a Fintecture payment session

πŸ’‘ Note

The list of simulator events is not exhaustive. If there is an event you'd like to simulate to test your integration, please email us at [email protected]

Example: receiving a transaction

Use the Event Simulator to simulate transferring funds from a debtor account to your Fintecture Sandbox Account. In a live situation, the debtor would perform this action by himself. In Sandbox, you need to do it yourself.

  1. On your Console, go to Developers > Event Simulator.
  2. Enter all required information. You can also add an internal reference and a label. If you don't add a label, your transaction history will show Transfer from {Debtor name}.
  3. Click Simulate event.
  4. Instantly, you'll see a status appear.