Create a shop

  1. Go to the navigation tab and click on storefrontShops
  2. In the main page click on Create a shop
  3. Select Ecommerce plugin
  4. Fill in your Shop name
  5. Select your favorite E-commerce platform between the following ones
  6. Enter the URL of your website in the Shop URL (the format must be https://...)
  7. Select the Production Environment
  8. Select the Bank account that will be associated to your shop in the dropdown list
  9. Customize your shop if needed (icon to be displayed, e-mails, sms, logo ...)
  10. Click on Create my shop
  11. Copy your app ID and your app Secret

    💡 Note

    Save them in a safe place as they will be needed for the configuration of the plugin.

  12. Click on downloadGenerate private key

    💡 Note

    A .pem file will be downloaded and will also be needed for plugin configuration.
    Some browsers might propose a .cer file. In such a case please convert it using this tool

  13. Click on Finish