Initiate a Buy Now Pay Later payment


The complete synchronous BNPL payment flow using the Fintecture Connect webview has been simplified into the following steps:

  1. Request a PIS dedicated access token
  2. Build a BNPL Payment Session and redirect the payer to the returned Connect URL
  3. Verify the payment on callback such that the payment status and order ID matches
  4. Listen to Webhook to intercept payments status change events as a redundant channel to the redirect callback

πŸ’‘ Note

Step 4 is identified as optional but as the payment method relies mostly on a redirection authentication model, it is important to use a redundant payment notification channel in case the redirection fails. Some implementations use webhooks as the main payment notification channel and the redirection simply used to display the resulting payment result.

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Payment statuses

Below are detailed the payment statuses encountered in the case of a BNPL payment.

πŸ’‘ Note

Do not hesitate to consult all of the payment statuses for more information.