[2023-06-13] Documentation global redesign

We are delighted to present you our whole new documentation. So what's new ?

Broaden the audience

Our documentation now targets 3 types of audiences:

  • No Code: merchants that do not want to write down a single code line
  • Shops: merchants using Content Management System (CMS) platforms
  • API documentation: merchants who want to rely on our APIs

Documentation structure

We now provide different types of information to help our users integrate smoothly our solutions.

  • guides: redesign to present product pages as well as front-end, shop and API guides
  • recipes: enforcement of this section with many new use cases to help developers take over our API
  • change log: add of this section to present information on what has changed in our documentation


We now support Intercom to enforce our support. Do not hesitate to ask for help if needed.

Cookie handling

We added cookie handling on our website to improve the user experience and to ensure that we are in compliance with various privacy regulations.